Biker narrowly escapes serious injury in collision with car in northern India

Biker narrowly escapes serious injury in collision with car in northern India

A high-speed collision in northern India’s Rajasthan where a biker’s sudden braking led to a slip, causing the motorcycle to slide under a Scorpio.

The incident took place near Nakoda sweet shop in Balotra in Barmer district on June 14.

Visuals showed on a road littered with some debris and cement, a passing biker’s motorcycle skidded, causing him to fall. At the same time, a Scorpio car was approaching from the opposite direction. The biker fell, and his hand got trapped under the car. The car driver managed to stop just in time. The biker signaled to the driver to reverse the car, allowing him to free his hand. Once the car moved back, he pulled his hand out and stood up.

Ganga Singh Bhayal from Mavdi recounted his ordeal, stating that around 10 AM, he was returning home with household supplies from Sivana. While traveling on Balotra Road near Nakoda Sweets, he had to brake abruptly due to concrete on the road, causing his bike to skid. A Scorpio approaching from the opposite direction braked suddenly upon seeing Bhayal slip. Despite the rapid response, the front tire of the Scorpio ran over Bhayal’s hand, inflicting minor injuries.

Bhayal signaled the Scorpio driver to reverse, allowing him to free his hand and stand up with the help of bystanders. He was promptly taken to Sivana Hospital, where he received primary treatment and was discharged shortly afterward. The Scorpio driver was en route to a wedding procession.

Raju, an eyewitness who was attending to customers at his mobile shop nearby, described hearing a sudden crash. Upon investigating, he saw a young man under the Scorpio with his bike lying beside him. Miraculously, the biker managed to stand up on his own, sustaining only minor injuries to his hand. “Thank God the biker escaped major harm in such a severe accident,” Raju remarked.

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