Bikers perform stunts despite police presence in northern India; bike loses balance

Bikers perform stunts despite police presence in northern India; bike loses balance

In a daring display of recklessness, bikers performed dangerous stunts even with police present in northern India’s Delhi. The situation escalated when one motorcycle lost balance, causing the riders to fall.

The incident took place on Baba Kharak Singh Marg on June 1.

Visuals showed despite the presence of the police, the bikers brazenly continued to perform their stunts. During one particularly risky maneuver, a motorcycle lost balance, causing the bikers to fall to the ground. Witnessing the incident, all the police officers present and concerned bystanders rushed over to check if the bikers were seriously injured.

The Delhi Police night patrolling unit demonstrated swift action as they intercepted a group of bikers engaged in dangerous stunts on Baba Kharak Singh Marg. The incident occurred late Saturday night when vigilant officers on duty spotted the motorcyclists endangering public safety with their reckless behavior.

According to official reports, the officers successfully detained all vehicles involved in the stunts. The prompt action by the patrolling team ensured that the situation was brought under control without any further incidents.

An FIR has been registered against the bikers, who now face legal consequences for their actions. The Delhi Police have reiterated their commitment to maintaining public safety and have warned against any such reckless behavior on city roads.

The apprehended bikers are currently under investigation, and further legal proceedings will follow based on the findings. The Delhi Police continue to stress the importance of adhering to traffic laws and the risks associated with dangerous stunts and reckless driving.

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