Bridge collapse in northern India: 13th incident in three weeks sparks safety concerns

Bridge collapse in northern India: 13th incident in three weeks sparks safety concerns

In a troubling pattern of infrastructure failures, a bridge in northern India’s Bihar collapsed recently, marking the 13th such incident in the state over the past three weeks. 

The incident took place in Mahishi village of Saharsa district on July 10.

Visuals showed the bridge collapsing dramatically into the river below, with sections of the structure breaking apart and plummeting into the water. The aftermath reveals debris scattered in the river, with large chunks of concrete and twisted metal submerged or partially visible above the waterline.

According to reports, the series of collapses has triggered alarm and raised serious concerns about construction quality and safety protocols. Local residents are seen gathered around the site, expressing shock and concern, while authorities and rescue teams work to assess the damage and ensure no one is trapped. The affected area shows disrupted traffic and a line of vehicles halted abruptly by the sudden collapse, highlighting the immediate impact on daily commutes and transportation routes.

The collapse has caused significant disruptions, cutting off crucial transport links and posing a danger to commuters. Local residents and officials are calling for an urgent investigation to determine the root causes and to implement necessary safety measures to prevent further incidents.

State authorities are under immense pressure to address these recurring failures and ensure the stability and safety of Bihar’s infrastructure. The frequent collapses highlight the urgent need for stringent quality checks and maintenance protocols to protect public safety and restore confidence in the region’s infrastructure development.

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