Brutal attack unleashed in southern India: family and pet dog assaulted over dispute

Brutal attack unleashed in southern India: family and pet dog assaulted over dispute

In a horrifying incident, a dispute over a pet dog turned violent in southern India’s Telangana, resulting in a brutal attack on a family and their canine companion.

The incident took place at  Mathura Nagar-Rahmath Nagar locality near Ameerpet in Hyderabad on May 14.

Visuals showed in a street, where a man was walking his dog peacefully. Suddenly, a group of young men approached and began attacking both the dog and its owner with sticks. The man’s wife rushed to intervene but was also targeted by the assailants. In the background, a crowd of onlookers gathered, their shocked expressions reflecting the brutality of the scene unfolding before them.

The confrontation ignited when a pet dog belonging to Srinath wandered into the residence of his neighbour, Dhanunjay, triggering a heated argument between the two households. Dhanunjay expressed his concern over the dog’s behavior and urged Srinath to ensure that it didn’t cause any disturbance to others in the vicinity.

Following the altercation, Srinath, accompanied by his dog, decided to take a walk, hoping to diffuse the tension. However, the situation took a sinister turn when Dhanunjay, along with a group of friends, launched a vicious attack on Srinath upon his return. The assailants didn’t spare even the pet dog, raining down blows with sticks in a shocking display of violence.

The assault didn’t stop there; Srinath’s wife, who intervened to protect her husband and their beloved pet, also became a target of the brutal onslaught. Despite attempts by locals to intervene and quell the violence, the attackers persisted, even targeting another innocent dog in the vicinity.

The entire incident was captured on local CCTV cameras, providing crucial evidence for law enforcement. Srinath, his wife, and their pet dog sustained serious injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment. Police have taken cognizance of the matter, registering a case and launching a thorough investigation into the appalling attack.

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