Buffalo rescued from 30-foot well in central India by district administration

Buffalo rescued from 30-foot well in central India by district administration

A buffalo in central India’s Madhya Pradesh was rescued from a 30-foot well by district administration officials using a crane, after a six-hour effort.

The incident took place at Kishanpura Village in Sagar District on June 23.

Visuals showed a buffalo had fallen into a well, attracting a rescue team and many villagers to the scene. A crane was also present, and with its help, the rescue team successfully lifted the buffalo out.

According to reports in Kishanpura village, a buffalo owned by Shri Prakash Kurmi fell into a deep well. Villagers noticed the buffalo in the well and informed its owner. A crowd gathered at the scene, and the villagers made efforts to rescue the buffalo but were unsuccessful. The district administration was then notified of the incident. Upon receiving the news, Tehsildar Rohit Raghuvanshi arrived with a team to assess the situation.

A crane was called to the site, and after approximately six hours of effort, the buffalo was safely extracted from the well. Prakash Kurmi explained that his buffalo had gone to graze when it accidentally fell into the well. Due to the well’s depth, considerable effort was required to rescue the animal. When the villagers were unable to retrieve the buffalo, they sought help from the district administration. With the administration’s intervention and the use of a crane, the buffalo was successfully rescued from the well.



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