Bull fight disrupts traffic for an hour on busy road in Central India

Bull fight disrupts traffic for an hour on busy road in Central India

A fierce bull fight caused significant traffic disruption for over an hour in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, highlighting ongoing issues in the area.


The incident took place in the Makronia suburb of Naryawali Assembly in Sagar District on June 19. 

Visuals showed on a busy road, two bulls were fiercely fighting each other, moving erratically as they clashed. Despite efforts from people around, who even threw water on them to break up the fight, the bulls remained undeterred and continued their battle. Their aggressive movements caused chaos and alarm among the onlookers, disrupting the flow of traffic and creating a hazardous situation on the road.


Makronia witnessed a dramatic scene as two bulls engaged in a fierce fight in the middle of a busy road. The incident took place in front of a local medical store, causing significant traffic disruptions for over an hour.


Despite attempts by locals to intervene, the bulls continued their confrontation, further complicating the traffic situation. 


This incident is not an isolated one. Locals have been raising concerns about the increasing presence of stray animals in the area, which has led to several similar disruptions in the past. Despite multiple complaints to the municipal authorities, the situation remains unchanged.

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