Bulls clash on railway tracks in India, ignoring train horn and causing standoff

Bulls clash on railway tracks in India, ignoring train horn and causing standoff

In a surprising turn of events, two bulls engaged in a fierce battle on railway tracks, bringing a train to a standstill and capturing the attention of onlookers.


The video went viral on July 10.

Visuals showed two bulls can be seen fighting at a railway crossing gate. Their fierce battle continues onto the railway tracks, just as a train is approaching. The train, moving at a slow speed, comes to a stop because the bulls show no sign of ending their fight.  The locomotive pilot, observing the bulls blocking the tracks, repeatedly sounds the horn in an attempt to clear the way. However, the bulls remain unfazed by the noise and continue their tussle. With the horn proving ineffective, the pilot is forced to halt the train completely. A railway worker at the crossing gate then steps in, armed with a stick, trying to drive the bulls away. Despite his efforts, the bulls persist, prompting the worker to resort to splashing water on them. Only then do the bulls finally disperse, clearing the tracks.


This entire episode is recorded by an onlooker and subsequently shared on social media, where it quickly goes viral. The exact location of the incident remains unknown, but the surroundings in the video suggest it is somewhere in India.


It is not uncommon to witness bulls fighting in the streets and neighborhoods, but this time, the confrontation escalated to the railway tracks. The video, which has taken the internet by storm, clearly shows the extent of the chaos caused by the bulls’ tussle, even halting a train in its tracks.


Typically considered a threat to crops, bulls have now proven to be a hazard to railway traffic as well. In this bizarre incident, a train approaching a railway crossing was forced to stop as the bulls blocked the tracks, engrossed in their battle. Despite the locomotive pilot’s persistent attempts to clear the way by honking the horn, the bulls remained unfazed, continuing their clash undeterred.

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