Bus crash tragedy in northern India: 19 passengers severely injured

Bus crash tragedy in northern India: 19 passengers severely injured

In a devastating incident on an expressway in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, 18 lives were tragically lost and 19 others were left injured when a speeding bus collided with a milk tanker early morning.


The incident took place on the Agra-Lucknow expressway near Jojikot village in the Unnao district on July 10.

Visuals showed the scene was one of devastation after a double-decker bus collided violently with a milk-laden tanker on the expressway. The bus lay crumpled, its seats and structure shattered, as rescuers carefully extricated passengers amidst a crowd of onlookers and a vigilant police presence. The tanker, equally mangled in the aftermath, awaited removal by a specialized machine brought to clear both vehicles from the roadway. The atmosphere was sombre and tense, with the severity of the incident palpable in the air, highlighting the urgent response and efforts to manage the chaotic aftermath of this tragic accident.


The double-decker sleeper bus, carrying 57 passengers, was reportedly speeding when it struck the milk tanker from behind, causing both vehicles to overturn. Eyewitnesses recounted a harrowing scene as passengers were ejected from windows during the collision. Among the deceased were 14 men, three women, and a child, including the drivers of both vehicles. Authorities have initiated a probe into the incident, highlighting details such as the bus’s expired fitness and documentation issues, including pending challans.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced an ex-gratia for the next of kin of each deceased victim. Medical authorities at King George Medical University have reported that several injured individuals remain in critical condition at the trauma centre.


The Unnao district administration, alongside local police and medical teams, continues to manage the aftermath of this devastating collision, providing support to the victims’ families and investigating the circumstances that led to this heart-wrenching loss of life.

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