Bus driver thwarts robbery’ escape by ramming bike in northern India

Bus driver thwarts robbery’ escape by ramming bike in northern India

A dramatic scene unfolded in northern India’s Haryana as a quick-thinking bus driver thwarted a daylight robbery by ramming his vehicle into the robbers’ bike, forcing them to flee on foot.

The incident took place in Karnal and the video went viral on May 30.

Visuals showed a thief snatched a woman’s chain and ran towards his accomplice who was waiting on a bike. Suddenly, a bus coming from the opposite direction hit the bike, causing both thieves to fall off. They abandoned the bike and fled on foot, with people chasing after them to catch them.

According to reports in a brazen attempt, two men planned a robbery targeting a woman traveling in an e-rickshaw. The incident, captured on CCTV, showed one of the robbers sitting with the woman in the rickshaw while his accomplice followed closely on a bike. When they reached a less crowded area, the robber in the rickshaw got out, paid the fare, and then suddenly snatched the woman’s earring, running towards his partner.

As the robbery attempt seemed almost successful, a bus driver noticed the crime in progress and crashed his bus into the robbers’ bike. The impact thwarted their escape, forcing the two men to abandon their bike and flee on foot.

Police have seized the abandoned bike and are currently analyzing the CCTV footage to identify and apprehend the suspects. The investigation is ongoing.

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