Bus driver uses umbrella while driving in southern India

Bus driver uses umbrella while driving in southern India
In an incident that has sparked widespread ridicule, a bus driver in southern India’s Karnataka was caught driving with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other to shield himself from the rain.
The incident took place in Dharwad on May 24.
Visuals showdowns the driver managing the vehicle with one hand and struggling to stay dry with the umbrella in the other, an act that many found both humorous and alarming.
The driver, Hanumanthappa A Killedar, and the bus conductor were suspended by the North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation after the video went viral.
Opposition parties were quick to mock the government, highlighting the absurdity of the situation and pointing out the state’s lack of adequate infrastructure and preparedness during monsoon season. While officials clarified that the bus was empty and the video was taken in jest, the incident has become a symbol of the state’s infrastructural failings.
The opposition’s mocking comments reflect broader concerns about the state’s readiness to handle routine weather conditions, raising questions about the overall management and safety standards of public transportation systems in Karnataka.

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