Bus plunges into gorge in northern India; SDRF rescues injured passengers

Bus plunges into gorge in northern India; SDRF rescues injured passengers

A bus traveling from Gangotri Dham to Uttarkashi veered off the road and plunged into a gorge in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place near Gangtori on National Highway in Uttarkashi District on June 11.

Visuals showed the NDRF team was rescuing injured passengers from the bus that had fallen into the gorge. The operation took place at night, necessitating the use of torches and flashlights to navigate the dark terrain. The team carefully extricated the injured individuals and placed them on stretchers. In the dim light, they meticulously carried the stretchers up the steep incline, ensuring the safety of each passenger.

The SDRF team received an alert from the Uttarkashi district control room about the accident, necessitating immediate rescue operations. The bus, returning from a pilgrimage to Gangotri Dham, lost control and fell into the gorge, leading to multiple injuries among the passengers.

Two SDRF teams from Bhatwari and Ujeli were dispatched to the accident site. The Bhatwari team, led by Sub-Inspector Tribhuvan Singh, reached the scene with essential rescue equipment. Acting swiftly, they descended into the gorge and extricated three critically injured passengers who were trapped inside the bus. The rescued individuals were then transported to the hospital via stretcher and ambulance.

In total, 27 people were on board the bus. Among them, four sustained severe injuries, while others suffered minor wounds. Prior to the arrival of the SDRF, the district police had already managed to rescue several injured passengers and sent them to the hospital by ambulance.

The rescue operations underscored the coordinated efforts between the SDRF and the district police in responding to the emergency and providing timely medical aid to the injured.

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