Camel smashes through car windshield in northern India

Camel smashes through car windshield in northern India

In a startling incident in northern India’s Rajasthan, a camel collided with a car, resulting in the animal becoming trapped in the vehicle’s windshield.

The incident took place in Hanumangarh district on June 9.

Visuals showed how the poor animal got trapped inside the car after the brutal accident.

The accident occurred on a rural road, and while the camel sustained injuries, all occupants of the car were reported safe and unharmed.

Local authorities reported that the car was traveling at a moderate speed when the camel unexpectedly crossed the road. The impact caused significant damage to the car, with the camel partially entering through the windshield. Emergency services were called to the scene to assist with the removal of the camel and to provide medical attention to the injured animal.

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