Car driver breaks glass, threatens bus driver in western India

Car driver breaks glass, threatens bus driver in western India

Location Mumbai City, western India's Maharashtra. Date: 2023-05-13

A car driver shattered glass and a window and unleashed a wave of threats towards a bus driver in western India’s Maharashtra.


The incident took place in Mumbai city on May 13.

Visuals showed the car driver was allegedly carrying a baseball bat and was seen using it to attack the mirrors and glass of the bus. He hit the glass multiple times while simultaneously abusing the bus driver who was recording the incident on his mobile camera.

After multiple attacks and abuses, the man breaks the glass of the driver’s door and also puts a huge scratch on the windshield. All of this was calmly recorded by the bus driver. Soon, the driver charged at the man again, asking him to do whatever he wanted with the footage, even posting it on Facebook. The driver then replies that he will show the footage to the police and get him caught.

According to the audio heard in the clip, it is alleged that the best driver bumped into the rear portion of the man’s car, to which the man responded aggressively. However, the exact reason behind the fight is unclear.

The video went viral on social media and the Mumbai Police took cognizance, stating, “We request you to report the matter at your nearest police station where the incident occurred.”


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