Car overtaking lorry crashes into another car in southern india

Car overtaking lorry crashes into another car in southern india
In a tragic event, a speeding car attempting to overtake a lorry collided with an oncoming vehicle in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
The incident took place at Thamarassery- Mukkam state highway in Kozhikode district on April 16.
Visuals showed the car traveling from Thamarasheri to Mukkam attempted a high-speed overtaking maneuver of the lorry ahead, resulting in a collision with an oncoming car. The front ends of both vehicles were extensively damaged in the accident.
According to reports, the car owned by a family from Atholi collided with a car owned by a resident of Narikkuni. The car, traveling from Thamarasheri to Mukkam, attempted to overtake the lorry ahead at high speed, resulting in the collision with the oncoming car. Both cars suffered complete destruction of their front ends.
The passengers of the two cars, including Atholi residents Kotil Shamim (41), Jazeera (35), Ayesha (75), Sian (13), Shifra (11 months), and Shiba (7), along with Salahuddin Narikuni, sustained injuries. Shiba (7), critically injured, was transferred to Medical College Hospital, while Salahuddin was taken to a private hospital in Kozhikode. The remaining passengers were admitted to a private hospital in Omassery.
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