Chaos at wedding in northern India over missing chicken leg pieces in biryani

Chaos at wedding in northern India over missing chicken leg pieces in biryani

A wedding ceremony in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh descended into chaos as a fight erupted between the groom’s and bride’s families over missing chicken leg pieces in the biryani.

The incident took place at Sartaj Baraatghar in Nawabganj area of Bareilly and the video went viral on June 24.

Visuals showed the groom and the baraatis being shoved, kicked, and punched brutally over a minor issue of missing chicken leg piece in wedding dinner.

According to reports the altercation began when members of the groom’s party, the baraatis, noticed the absence of chicken leg pieces in their biryani and voiced their displeasure. The situation quickly escalated, with members of the bride’s family reacting violently to the objections, leading to a full-blown brawl.

The groom himself became involved in the fight, and the wedding was temporarily halted as his family threatened to call off the ceremony and asked the baraatis to leave. However, extensive persuasion from the bride’s family eventually calmed the situation, allowing the marriage to proceed.

Despite the dramatic events, no official complaints have been lodged with the Nawabganj police station. Authorities have stated they will take action if a formal complaint is received. The incident highlights the tensions that can arise over seemingly minor issues during large social gatherings.



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