Chaos ensues as crowd plunders petrol from overturned tanker in central India

Chaos ensues as crowd plunders petrol from overturned tanker in central India

A chaotic scene unfolded in central India’s Madhya Pradesh as a tanker carrying over 15,000 liters of petrol overturned, leading to a frenzy as bystanders rushed to loot the spilled fuel.

The incident took place near the Sanodha Toll Tax Booth in Sagar on May 11.

Visuals showed the overturned petrol tanker attracted local residents who rushed to loot the spilled fuel, causing chaos and commotion at the scene.

In a startling turn of events near Sagar, a tanker laden with petrol overturned near the Sanodha toll tax booth, spilling its contents onto the road. The sight of free fuel quickly attracted a crowd, who armed themselves with bottles, containers, and drums to collect the precious liquid.

The incident occurred as the tanker, en route from Damoh to Sagar, encountered a stray cow on the road. In an attempt to avoid a collision, the tanker veered out of control, flipping over and blocking traffic. This unexpected turn of events led to a frenzy as people swarmed the scene to capitalize on the spilled petrol.

Despite the gravity of the situation, police response was sluggish. The nearest police stations, located between the Bichua and Sanodha toll booths, were reportedly a mere five kilometers away. However, it took them over half an hour to arrive at the scene, leaving the situation unchecked for an extended period.

The delay in police response has raised concerns about public safety, as the situation could have escalated further or led to potential accidents if the spilled petrol ignited. Authorities are now facing scrutiny over their handling of the incident and the effectiveness of emergency response protocols in the area.


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