Cheetah trapped at airport in southern India, sparks six-day standoff

Cheetah trapped at airport in southern India, sparks six-day standoff

A tense six-day standoff gripped the airport in southern India’s Telangana unexpectedly appearing on the runway, posing a threat to airport authorities. Despite concerted efforts by forest staff, police, and CISF officials, the elusive feline remained at large, creating a unique challenge for the teams involved.

The incident took place at Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad on May 3.

Visuals showed the captured cheetah was safely transported in a sturdy cage and released back into the wild, deep within the jungle, ensuring its secure rescue and return to its natural habitat.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Shamshabad Airport found itself grappling with an unexpected visitor as a cheetah ventured onto the runway, disrupting airport operations and instilling fear among authorities and travelers alike. The ensuing six days witnessed a dramatic saga of pursuit and evasion as forest staff, police, and CISF officials mobilized their resources to capture the agile predator.

Despite the collective efforts of the teams involved, the cheetah managed to evade capture, employing its remarkable speed and agility to outmaneuver its pursuers. Authorities worked tirelessly, employing various strategies and resources, including tranquilizers and specialized traps, in a bid to safely subdue the animal and ensure the safety of airport personnel and passengers.


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