Child succumbs amid allegations of medical negligence despite urgent pleas in northern India

Child succumbs amid allegations of medical negligence despite urgent pleas in northern India

In a tragic incident in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, a child passed away after medical staff allegedly ignored repeated pleas for urgent care. The father, in a heart-wrenching video that went viral, desperately called for help as his child’s condition deteriorated due to apparent medical negligence.

The incident took place at King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow on June 14. 

Visuals showed in a hospital room, a distraught father standing beside his ailing child’s bed, he desperately pleads with the doctors and staff around him. His voice trembles with emotion as he implores them to save his child, whose pulse rate continues to flicker on the monitor. The scene is tense and chaotic, with medical equipment humming in the background, contrasting sharply with the father’s anguished cries echoing through the sterile halls. Despite his fervent appeals, there is a palpable sense of helplessness as no one rushes to aid the struggling child, leaving the father to confront his worst fears alone.

The incident occurred on Friday morning when Jitendra Yadav, a resident of Gorakhpur, rushed his child to KGMU on June 14th, initially for what was diagnosed as a case of severe diarrhea. Despite repeated alerts to medical staff about the child’s declining pulse rate, doctors reportedly did not attend promptly. In a distressing video shared widely on social media, Yadav can be heard imploring for assistance, stating, “Somebody save my child, the pulse rate is dropping. There are no doctors or staff here. Please do something!” Tragically, due to the alleged lack of timely medical intervention, the child succumbed.

Family members have accused the hospital staff of gross negligence, claiming that even after notifying doctors of the deteriorating pulse rate, no immediate action was taken. They further alleged that threats were made by hospital staff when they attempted to raise complaints or seek police intervention.

Dr. Sudhir Singh, the spokesperson for KGMU, assured that a thorough investigation into the matter will be conducted. The incident has sparked outrage and renewed concerns over the quality of healthcare services at KGMU, with many questioning the adequacy of staffing and the responsiveness of medical personnel.

This incident underscores the urgent need for accountability and improvement in healthcare delivery, particularly in government hospitals, where such tragedies highlight systemic issues affecting patient care and safety.

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