Chilling moment dog attacks girl in elevator in northern India

Chilling moment dog attacks girl in elevator in northern India
In a tragic incident, a dog attacked a girl in an elevator in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.
The incident took place in Lotus 300 Society located in Sector-107, Noida on May 5.
The visuals depict the girl standing in the elevator when the lift door opens, and a dog suddenly attacks her. A man near the lift shoos away the dog and saves the girl from any further injury. She immediately closes the lift door and presses her floor number.
Monica Aggarwal, a resident of Lotus Society in Sector-107, described in her complaint that at 9:00 pm on the 3rd, her daughter was going to play in tower number 2, using the elevator. Upon reaching the second floor, the lift door opened suddenly, and a dog entered, biting the child before the door closed again. Upon returning home, the traumatized girl narrated the incident. The family promptly took her to the hospital for treatment and administered rabies vaccination.

Expressing concern, Monica Aggarwal noted the presence of numerous pet and stray dogs in the society, posing a potential danger to children. She urged for strict action against the dog owner to prevent such incidents, advocating for the use of muzzles when walking dogs in the future.

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