Clash in western India: policital party workers clash over political leader’s statement

Clash in western India: policital party workers clash over political leader’s statement

A violent clash erupted between the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Congress workers in western India’s Gujarat over a statement made by Leader of the Opposition, Rahul Gandhi, in Parliament. Both groups engaged in stone-pelting, leading to chaos and tension in the city.

The incident took place at Paldi area in Ahmedabad district on July 2.

Visuals showed on the road, two groups were hurling stones at each other, picking up rocks and throwing them with force. The scene was chaotic, with a tense and frenzied atmosphere. The police were present, but even the barricades they had set up were broken by the clashing individuals. The situation was marked by confusion and disorder, with the sound of shouts and the sight of flying stones dominating the scene.

Joint Commissioner of Police Neeraj Badgurjar stated, “The police have controlled both groups, and the situation is now peaceful. Appropriate measures have been taken, and further action will be determined after reviewing CCTV footage.”

According to reports several workers and leaders from both sides were detained from the Paldi area following the violent confrontation and stone-pelting. BJP workers accused Congress activists of attacking them during a ‘peaceful protest,’ while opposition leaders blamed the ruling party’s members for inciting violence.

Despite police intervention, some individuals were seen continuing to throw stones at each other. Following the clash, the police entered the Gujarat Congress headquarters and detained several party workers. The Gujarat Congress criticized the BJP for the incident, with a social media post stating, “Witness the terror of BJP goons! Just yesterday, Rahul Gandhi said BJP spreads violence, and today, see the BJP’s hooliganism! The vandalism at Gujarat Congress headquarters is condemnable. Strict action should be taken against such goons.”

The Gujarat Congress further remarked, “Being a Hindu means not committing violence against anyone and loving everyone. This is the definition of being a Hindu, but the BJP’s definition is that of rioters.”

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