Cloudburst in northeastern India triggers landslides, strands vehicles on highway

Cloudburst in northeastern India triggers landslides, strands vehicles on highway

A sudden cloudburst in northeastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh resulted in landslides and a flood-like situation, disrupting life and stranding vehicles on the NH-415 highway.

The incident took place at Itanagar in Papum Pare district on June 23.

Visuals showed after heavy rains, the area experienced a flood-like situation with water rising to significant levels. Several vehicles were stranded, and the remaining traffic faced considerable difficulty navigating through the flooded roads.

Despite a recent improvement in weather conditions and no rain forecast for Sunday, the cloudburst occurred around 10:30 am, catching many by surprise. The Disaster Management Department reported multiple landslides across Itanagar and adjacent areas, exacerbating the situation on NH-415, a crucial route for the state capital’s residents.

In response, the district administration has advised the public to avoid rivers and areas prone to landslides, emphasizing the need for safety amidst ongoing heavy rains. Seven designated relief camps have been established to accommodate those displaced by the disaster.

“People should not venture into dangerous areas and must prioritize their safety,” an official from the Disaster Management Department stated.

The recent heavy rains had already stressed the region, but Sunday’s unexpected cloudburst has intensified the challenges faced by Itanagar’s residents and authorities alike. Efforts are underway to clear the blocked highway and provide necessary aid to affected individuals.


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