Cobra invades district commandant’s bungalow in central India, causes panic among security personnel

Cobra invades district commandant’s bungalow in central India, causes panic among security personnel

A 5-foot cobra caused panic at the District Commandant’s bungalow in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, prompting a swift response from snake catcher Akhil Baba, who safely captured and secured the snake.


The incident took place at the battalion in the Makronia area of Sagar District on June 2.

Visuals showed in the garden area of a bungalow, a 5-foot-long cobra was spotted, prompting the summoning of snake catcher Akhil Baba.

Displaying his skills, Akhil expertly captured the snake and secured it in a plastic container for safe release into the jungle later. A crowd of onlookers had gathered around, visibly frightened yet intrigued, with many recording videos of the dramatic event. The atmosphere was tense, but Akhil’s calm demeanor reassured everyone present.


Amidst the intense heatwave in Sagar, both humans and animals are struggling, especially ground-dwelling creatures. A startling incident occurred at the battalion in Makronia, where a 5-foot-long cobra slithered into the District Commandant’s bungalow.


Immediately, snake catcher Akhil Baba was informed and he rushed to the scene. After a tense 10-minute struggle, Baba successfully captured the cobra and initially placed it on a mango tree. He later transferred the cobra into a plastic container, stating that it would be safely released into the forest in coordination with the Forest Department after a few days.


The searing heat and cloudy skies have increased humidity, making burrowing creatures restless and driving them to seek cooler spots outside their usual habitats. Akhil Baba advised residents to maintain cleanliness around their homes, avoid accumulating garbage, and refrain from keeping items like tubes and tyres that could provide shelter for snakes and other wildlife.


In these trying times, it is essential for everyone to take precautionary measures to prevent such unnerving encounters and ensure the safety of both humans and animals.

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