Cobra rescued after being stuck in borewell for four days in central India

Cobra rescued after being stuck in borewell for four days in central India

A daring rescue operation unfolded in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, as a cobra snake trapped in a deep borewell for four days was successfully rescued by wildlife experts amid growing fears among locals.


The incident took place in Fuler Bhita village in Jabalpur on June 16.

Visuals showed in the depths of a borewell inside a home, a cobra had been trapped for four days. The tense rescue unfolded as a skilled snake handler, aided by a long pole, delicately lifted the exhausted serpent out to safety. Surrounding the scene were onlookers from the village, their faces a mix of concern and relief, witnessing the rare and perilous operation.


According to reports a six-foot cobra had fallen into a fifty-foot deep borewell while hunting rodents. The snake’s distressed cries had instilled fear among villagers, who hesitated to approach the area. Jitendra Sahu, a resident, promptly alerted snake specialist Gajendra Dube upon realizing the gravity of the situation.


Gajendra Dube, with over two decades of rescue experience, described this operation as unique due to the challenges posed by the borewell’s depth. “I have rescued thousands of snakes over the years, but extracting one trapped in a borewell presented unprecedented difficulties,” he remarked. With the assistance of local Madan Singh, they carefully maneuvered the rescue tools for nearly two hours before successfully lifting the snake to safety.


“The cobra, exhausted and dehydrated after four days without food or water, was fortunately unharmed,” confirmed Gajendra Dube, emphasizing the importance of swift and humane intervention in such critical wildlife rescue operations.


The successful rescue operation concluded with the cobra being released back into the wild, marking a triumph for wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

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