Bull rescued after being found with rod cruelly inserted into its eye in central India

Bull rescued after being found with rod cruelly inserted into its eye in central India
In a heart-wrenching incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a bull was found with a rod cruelly inserted into her eye.
The incident took place in Ward 2, Sohagpur, Shahdol city on May 21.

Visuals showed how during late night local people and rescuers were trying their level best to heal the bull with first aid and checking if there were any other injuries or not. The poor bull is left visionless now trying to make sense of her surroundings.
Thanks to the swift and courageous actions of  Atal Kamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan Nandi’s life was saved.
Upon discovering the injured bull, rescuer Gaurav Ralhi Mishra, along with his team from   Atal Kamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan, worked together to carefully remove the rod from her eye. Following the successful extraction, Nandi received immediate medical treatment to stabilize his condition. The bull is now being transferred to a specialized institute for further care and recovery.

The efforts of Gaurav Ralhi Mishra and the community members have been widely praised, showcasing their compassion and dedication to animal welfare. Their prompt response not only saved Nandi’s life but also highlighted the importance of community involvement in protecting animals.
Residents are now urging the government and local administration to take strict action against the perpetrator of this cruel act. This incident underscores the need for stronger animal protection laws and better enforcement to prevent such acts of cruelty in the future.
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