Commuters unite to push blazing train away from platform in northern India

Commuters unite to push blazing train away from platform in northern India

In an unusual scene in northern India’s Bihar, passengers pushed a train to separate its coaches following a minor fire outbreak.

The incident took place at Ki Junction station in Lakhisarai on June 6.

Visuals showed at the platform, a train stood on the tracks with one of its coaches engulfed in a fierce fire. The flames were intense and spreading rapidly. In response, people worked together to detach the burning coach from the rest of the train, pulling the remaining coaches away from the blaze. This brave effort involved many individuals, who acted quickly and decisively. The scene was chaotic, with a sense of panic in the air as the fire raged and people scrambled to ensure safety.

According to reports the train was arriving from Patna when passengers noticed smoke billowing from one of the coaches and promptly took action to prevent the fire from spreading by pushing the train to separate the affected coaches.

East Central Railway (ECR) Chief Public Relations Officer Saraswati Chandra confirmed that the fire was quickly doused by fire tenders, and no injuries were reported. Train services, including the onward movement of the affected train, resumed by 7:45 pm.

ECR General Manager Tarun Prakash and other railway officials visited the site to assess the situation. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.

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