Constable collapses from heat in northern India, GRP inspector films Instead of Helping

Constable collapses from heat in northern India, GRP inspector films Instead of Helping

A head constable collapsed due to extreme heat in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh while a GRP inspector chose to film the incident instead of providing immediate assistance.

The incident took place at a Railway station in Kanpur on June 18.

Visuals showed at a railway station, a constable lay unconscious due to sunstroke. Nearby, a GRP officer was busy filming the scene on his mobile phone instead of rushing the constable to the hospital. The constable’s condition worsened as the officer continued to record.

A head constable’s life came to a tragic end as a Government Railway Police (GRP) inspector prioritized filming over providing immediate assistance. The head constable, Brij Kishore Singh, was later declared dead by doctors after being transported to the hospital following public outcry.

In the midst of a severe heatwave that has turned deadly, claiming 16 lives on Tuesday, including that of the head constable, Singh had taken leave to travel to his home in Jhansi. Upon reaching the station in the afternoon, he collapsed from heat exhaustion. Eyewitnesses reported that rather than offering immediate help, a GRP inspector began recording the suffering officer on his mobile phone.

Singh is in distress as the inspector continues filming. It was only after passengers vehemently protested that the inspector arranged for Singh to be taken to KPM Hospital. Unfortunately, the delay proved fatal, and doctors pronounced Singh dead upon arrival.

Brij Kishore Singh, originally from Samthar in Jhansi, was posted at the police line. ACP Collectorate Ganj Mohammad Mohsin confirmed that Singh had left the police line on Tuesday to go home on a three-day leave. Upon arrival at the Central Station, he collapsed due to the extreme heat. Despite efforts to transport him to the hospital, it was too late.



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