Bull falls into dry deep well in central India, rescued

Bull falls into dry deep well in central India, rescued

A bull was rescued by members of Atal Kamdhenu Gausevak Sansthan, a local animal rescue organization, after it had fallen into a dry well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident occurred in Shahdol district of the state on May 5.

Visuals depicted a distressing scene where the bull was trapped inside a deep, dry well. An organization worker bravely descended into the well using a ladder, carefully navigating the precarious situation to tie ropes securely around the bull. With the coordinated efforts of the team, the bull was gradually hoisted out of the well to safety.

However, the ordeal had taken its toll on the bull. Its horns were broken, and the surrounding area was stained with blood, indicating the severity of the fall and the struggle to escape. Despite the injuries, another image showed a compassionate individual administering an injection to the bull, highlighting the immediate medical attention provided to alleviate its suffering and promote recovery. Necessary treatment has been administered.

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