Cow rescued from 100-feet deep well filled with toxic gas in central India

Cow rescued from 100-feet deep well filled with toxic gas in central India

In a harrowing rescue operation, a team of dedicated rescuers saved a cow trapped in a 100-feet deep well filled with toxic gas in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place at Sohagpur in Shahdol district on June 20.

Visual showed in the depths of a perilous well, a dedicated rescue operation unfolded. A member of the rescue team, equipped with ropes, bravely descended into the well where a cow was trapped. Carefully, he secured a rope around the cow’s body, ensuring it was tight enough for the team above to pull her out.

Once the cow was secured, the rescuer began his ascent. However, the presence of toxic gas inside the well soon took its toll.

The team then focused on the cow. With coordinated effort, they heaved on the rope, gradually lifting the heavy and injured animal out of the well. The struggle was immense, but their determination never wavered.

The incident, which occurred on June 20th, required the concerted efforts of the district administration, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), and dedicated volunteers from the Atal Kaamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan.

The rescue mission, which began at 7:44 PM and concluded successfully at 10:25 PM, faced significant challenges due to the hazardous conditions inside the well. The low oxygen levels and the presence of toxic gas made the operation extremely perilous. In a previous rescue attempt a week ago, two individuals tragically lost their lives due to toxic gas exposure in a similar incident.

Led by Gaurav Ralhi Mishra, the team of rescuers included committed individuals such as Sarthak Mishra, Prakash Sen, Avnish Dubey, Shivam Panika, Rajesh Singh Rajput, Rauk, and Siddharth. Their collective efforts and unwavering determination were instrumental in the successful extraction of the injured cow.

The rescue team utilized oxygen masks brought from Amlai, with crucial support from the district administration and the SDRF. Despite the treacherous conditions, the rescuers managed to reach the cow and bring it to safety. The cow, which had sustained severe injuries to its horns, was provided with necessary medical treatment before being transported to the Atal Kaamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan for further care.


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