Crocodile causes panic in village after escaping from dam in central India

Crocodile causes panic in village after escaping from dam in central India

A six-foot-long crocodile caused a stir in a village in central India’s Madhya Pradesh. The reptile, which had strayed from a nearby dam, was eventually rescued and relocated to a safer location.


The incident took place at Khajuriya village under the jurisdiction of Imaliya Police Outpost in Damoh district on July 1.

Visuals showed in the early morning darkness, a crocodile was spotted near a truck. Alarmed by the presence of the reptile, the local residents immediately called the police. Upon arrival, the police assessed the situation and used a net and a cage to safely capture the crocodile. The successful rescue operation ensured that the animal was securely confined and removed from the area.


In a shocking incident, residents of Khajuriya village woke up to find a six-foot-long crocodile from Satdharu Dam in their midst. The sighting caused widespread panic among the villagers, leading to a swift response from local authorities.


Imaliya Outpost In-charge Rakesh Pathak, who was on a routine patrol near Raja Patna village, was alerted by villagers about the crocodile’s presence. He immediately reached the site and, with the help of locals, cordoned off the area by erecting wooden barriers. The Forest Department was notified, and Ranger Vikram Chaudhary soon arrived with his team and a cage to conduct the rescue operation.


The crocodile was successfully captured and safely relocated to Singorgarh Lake, bringing relief to the frightened villagers. The swift action by the local authorities averted potential harm, ensuring the safety of the community.

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