Crocodile intrusion at water treatment plant in northern India, dogs chase it away

Crocodile intrusion at water treatment plant in northern India, dogs chase it away

In a bizarre incident at the water treatment plant in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, a crocodile measuring approximately ten feet in length made its way into the facility, only to be chased away by vigilant dogs.


The incident took place at a Water Treatment Plant in Gulara Village of Jhansi on May 24.

Visuals showed at night, a large crocodile entered a water treatment plant while dogs barked at it continuously and after a few minutes, the crocodile left the area swiftly.


Late on Friday night, a startling sight greeted the operators and security personnel at the water treatment plant situated along the banks of the Betwa River, near the Jhansi-Kanpur highway. A crocodile, estimated to be around ten feet long, emerged from the Betwa River and ventured into the plant premises.


Upon noticing the unwelcome guest, the operators and security guards rushed outside to assess the situation. The crocodile, displaying agile movements, seemed to be exploring its surroundings. However, the presence of three vigilant dogs quickly turned the situation tense. The dogs began barking furiously, causing the crocodile to retreat back into the river.


Speaking about the incident, security guard Pradeep and operator Gyan Singh recounted how the crocodile, upon encountering the dogs’ barks, hastily retreated into the safety of the Betwa River.


This unusual encounter has sparked discussions on the safety measures at the water treatment plant and raised questions about the wildlife inhabiting the surrounding areas. As the video of the incident continues to circulate on social media, locals are expressing both amazement and concern over the proximity of wildlife to residential areas. Authorities are now considering additional measures to ensure the safety of both the plant workers and the local community.

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