Crocodile rescued from farmer’s field in central India

Crocodile rescued from farmer’s field in central India

In a surprising incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a crocodile entered a room built in a farmer’s field.

The incident took place in Rupabai village, Bhind district on June 27.

Visuals showed how the local men with the help of officials put a blanket on the crocodile’s head so that it keeps still and with a lot of difficulty tied it down with ropes so that it can be sent back to its own habitat.

According to reports, upon receiving the information, the forest department promptly dispatched a team to the location.

After considerable effort, the team successfully rescued the crocodile. The forest department staff then transported the reptile to the Chambal River in the Mau area, ensuring its safe release back into its natural habitat.

This incident highlights the unexpected encounters with wildlife that can occur in rural areas of India, and the swift actions taken by local authorities to manage such situations safely.

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