Customs officials seize gold worth $585,686 in four different cases in southern India

Customs officials seize gold worth $585,686 in four different cases in southern India

Gold worth Rs 4.86 crore (USD 5,85,686.86) was seized by customs officials in four separate cases at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, located in southern India’s Telangana.

This happened on August 12.

Visuals showed the officials taking out the gold which was hidden inside underwear. The cut gold bars were covered with black tape which was further removed to reveal the yellow metal. As per an official statement, four passengers were intercepted and gold weighing eight kilograms (17.63 lbs) has been seized by the customs department. In the first case, the passenger arrived from Bangkok and cut gold bars, weighing two kilograms (4.40 lbs) worth Rs 1,21,34,000 (USD 146336.04) from his trousers. In a similar development, the second case also saw the passenger arrive from Bangkok and 1.78 kg (3.92 lbs) of gold was hidden inside his clothing. It was worth Rs 1,08,81,165 (USD 131,226.84).

The third and fourth cases saw the passengers arrive from Sharjah and Dubai respectively and this time, gold was found in the form of paste. While the third passenger who was intercepted, carried gold worth Rs 1,31,77,524 (USD 158,920.93), the fourth passenger concealed the gold weighing 2.05 kgs (4.51 lbs), which was worth Rs 1,24,31,283 (USD 149,921.27) in his undergarments. All four of these passengers were arrested under the Customs Act and further investigation is underway in this matter.

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