Daring man rescues dog trapped in rocks for seven days in northern India

A dog, which was trapped for a week, was rescued by a man in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh.

The incident happened on May 2 at the Manikaran Valley in the Kullu District on the banks of river Parvati.

Visuals from the incident show the man getting down the cliff to save the dog, who was stuck in the rocks.

He tied a rope around the animal and then had it lifted from the spot.

The man who rescued the dog has been identified as Sonu Thakur. He is a snake catcher.

Thakur had been there at the place a day ago with his family. After finding the animal in trouble, he gathered some local support and came to the canine’s rescue. The rescue was carried out by Sonu Thakur, Manoj Thakur, Vijay Thakur and Lalit Kumar.

He reportedly fed the weakened animal before having it rescued.

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