Dead frog found in chips packet in western India, shocking consumers

Dead frog found in chips packet in western India, shocking consumers

A dead frog was discovered inside a packet of Balaji Wafers’ Crunchies in western India’s Gujarat. The incident came to light when Yasmin Patel’s niece purchased the packet, only to find the fried frog after consuming half of its contents.


The incident took place in Jamnagar district on June 18. 

Visuals showed a packet of chips containing a dead frog, fried along with the chips. The food inspection team and the shopkeeper, from whom the complainant had bought the chips, stood outside the shop conducting a thorough inspection.


Yasmin Patel, the complainant, reported that her niece initially brought the packet home and began eating it. Midway through the snack, they made the horrifying discovery of the fried frog among the wafers. Initially met with disbelief, the family was shocked upon seeing the gruesome finding with their own eyes. 


Taking immediate action, Yasmin Patel first approached the shopkeeper from whom the packet was purchased, then contacted the distribution agency, and finally reached out to the customer care department of Balaji Wafers. However, the response from the company’s customer care was dismissive, stating that she could take whatever action she deemed necessary.


In response to the incident, a team from the state Food Department promptly visited the wafer seller’s shop to investigate. They conducted a thorough examination of other wafer packets to ensure there were no further contaminants.


This disturbing discovery follows a similarly alarming incident in Mumbai, where a human finger was found in an ice cream just two days prior. Both cases have sparked widespread outrage and highlighted critical lapses in food safety protocols.


The authorities are now expected to conduct a detailed investigation into the matter to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety of consumers.

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