Deer rescued after it enters residential area in northern India

Deer rescued after it enters residential area in northern India

A deer was rescued after it entered a residential area in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

This incident happened in Dehradun on December 26.


Visuals showed how the rescue operation took place. The deer stayed put in one place and officials surrounded the animal from two sides as they attempted to capture it. The deer noticed the officials men in front and instantly escaped from the area but the men didn’t stop pursuing it. After a lot of effort, they were able to trap the deer by putting a massive net around its body along with blankets so that it could not escape. The deer tried to fight back and showed signs of resistance but that was to no avail as it eventually was overpowered by all the men involved in this rescue operation. The deer was then caught in the net and put on the back of a truck.

A huge crowd had gathered at the spot where the deer was captured. According to a report, the Dehradun forest department learnt about this deer at 7:00 am IST in the morning and a team led by Sub-Divisional Officer Anil Rawat reached the spot in 30 minutes. Later on, the rescue operation took around six-seven years to be finished.

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