Devotees pray in ‘Temple of Rats’ in northern India

Devotees pray in ‘Temple of Rats’ in northern India

Several devotees visit a temple known as the Temple of Rats, famous for the numerous rodents found inside its premises in northern India’s Rajasthan. Visuals shot on February 10 feature the Shree Karni Mataji Temple, located in Deshkone of the Bikaner district.

Visuals feature the temple swarming with rats. The rodents roam freely in the premises while the devotees feed and worship them. Moreover, the people co-exist with the rats inside the temple instead of being afraid.

The temple houses roughly 25,000 black rats and a few white rats that are considered especially holy. Moreover, these rodents are known as ‘Kaabas’. It is believed that spotting the Kaabas is a sign of blessing and that no cats are spotted near the temple, ensuing intrigue among the locals.

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