Doctors remove coins, magnets from 26-year-old’s stomach in northern India

Doctors remove coins, magnets from 26-year-old’s stomach in northern India

Doctors removed 39 coins and 37 magnets from the belly of a 26-year-old in northern India’s Delhi.

This incident took place at the Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi on February 17.

Visuals showed the surgery being conducted by the doctors. An X-ray scan showed the coins and magnets stuck inside the patient’s stomach in clusters at several places. A look into the patient’s belly showed one of these many coins stuck inside. Later on, the extracted coins which were of denominations of Re 1, Rs 2 and Rs 5 along with the magnets of several shapes-star, bullet, triangle and circle-were seen as well. After the surgery, an X-ray was done where it was seen that all the foreign objects were successfully removed.

According to a report, the patient was attended by Dr Tarun Mittal, who is a senior consultant at the hospital after he was brought by his family. The 26-year-old complained of stomach ache and frequent vomiting and it was learnt that he suffers from a psychiatric illness. Assuming that he would be able to build muscles with the help of zinc, he consumed the coins and later also swallowed magnets to keep these coins stuck together so that the zinc from it could be ‘absorbed’ into his body. This was the patient’s account when asked why he swallowed so many coins and magnets. The coins and magnets were present in two different hoops inside the small intestine and had blocked the same. The operation took around two-three hours to complete and after that, the patient spent seven days at the hospital before being discharged in a healthy condition.

This case was managed by Dr Mittal with Dr Ashish Dey, Dr Anmol Ahuja along with consultant Dr Vikram Singh, Dr Tanusree and Dr Karthik.

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