Donkeys transport EVMs to remote villages in southern India ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

Donkeys transport EVMs to remote villages in southern India ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

On the eve of the eagerly anticipated Lok Sabha elections in southern India’s Tamil Nadu, Donkeys were seen carrying EVM machines.

The incident took place at Natham area of  Dindigul district on April 18.

Visuals showed locals were loading EVMs onto the backs of donkeys.

As the clock ticks down to the first phase of the 18th Lok Sabha elections, scheduled for April 19th, the electoral machinery in Tamil Nadu has faced a unique challenge. In a bid to reach every corner of the state, where traditional transportation means often fall short, authorities turned to an unconventional solution: donkeys.

These resilient animals, often associated with rural life, were tasked with carrying the vital electoral equipment uphill, navigating rugged terrain under tight security measures.

The choice to employ donkeys has reignited discussions on the state of infrastructure, particularly in remote areas where access remains a persistent issue. Critics argue that the reliance on such unconventional means underscores the failure to address basic infrastructure needs, while others commend the innovative approach to ensuring democratic participation in even the most secluded communities.

With 39 seats in Tamil Nadu and the lone Puducherry constituency up for grabs in the upcoming elections, the logistical challenges of reaching every voter have been laid bare. As the nation gears up for polling day, the debate sparked by the viral video serves as a poignant reminder of the diverse challenges inherent in conducting elections in a vast and varied country like India.

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