Dramatic footage shows! truck swept away by strong currents

Dramatic footage shows! truck swept away by strong currents

In northern India’s Rajasthan torrential rains have led to severe flooding, causing immense difficulty for residents. Roads are submerged, and a truck driver faced a harrowing experience as his vehicle was swept away by the powerful currents.

The incident took place in Tonk on July 5.

Visuals showed as a truck was passing through, the strong currents caused it to overturn. Nearby bystanders began shouting in alarm at the scene.

Heavy rainfall in Tonk has resulted in widespread flooding, turning streets into rivers and escalating hardships for the local population. The inundation has led to significant disruption, with waterlogging observed throughout the area.

Amidst this chaos, a truck driver found himself in a perilous situation. Attempting to navigate through the submerged roads, the driver and his companion were caught off guard by the swift water currents. Their truck was quickly overpowered and swept away like a straw in the stream. Fortunately, both the driver and his companion managed to save themselves by swimming to safety.

The relentless rain has created flood-like conditions in Tonk, with water levels rising and making travel extremely hazardous. A viral video from the area captures the dramatic moment when the truck was carried away by the torrents, underscoring the severity of the situation.

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