Dramatic landslide on highway in northern India: workers narrowly escape

Dramatic landslide on highway in northern India: workers narrowly escape

In northern India’s Uttarakhand workers narrowly escaped a potential disaster as boulders cascaded down a mountainside along a highway. 


The incident took place on the Badrinath National Highway, Chamoli district and its video went viral on July 11.

Visuals showed a massive wall of earth and rocks suddenly collapsing onto the highway, forcing workers to run for their lives. 


According to reports, the highway, crucial for pilgrims visiting the sacred site of Badrinath, has been closed for over 48 hours due to extensive debris from landslides at Patalganga. The rubble has blocked tunnels and damaged sections of the roadway, posing significant challenges for rescue and restoration efforts.


Despite efforts to clear the route at Patalganga, a critical section near Joshimath remains impassable due to ongoing landslide risks. This obstruction has severed connectivity to key destinations like Joshimath, Niti, Mana, and Hemkund Sahib, leaving over 2,000 travellers and pilgrims stranded.


The Border Road Organization (BRO) has mobilised 241 excavators to tackle the extensive debris, reflecting the scale of the challenge posed by the natural disaster. Across Uttarakhand, more than 260 roads have been closed due to heavy rains and subsequent landslides, prompting authorities to issue cautionary advisories, particularly for Chardham pilgrims.


In response to the crisis, disaster response forces and state police have been actively involved in facilitating safe passage for travellers on affected routes, ensuring that those stranded are assisted and evacuated as conditions allow.

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