Drive-by shooting shocks neighborhood in northern India

Drive-by shooting shocks neighborhood in northern India

A peaceful evening turned into a terrifying ordeal for residents of northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, when three armed individuals on a motorcycle opened fire on a group of young men.


The incident took place in Mohalla Banjaran in the Rampur Maniharan area of Saharanpur on June 17.

Visuals showed Nafees Ahmad was sitting outside his house with his two brothers and neighbors when three unknown assailants approached on a bike. One of the men brandished a pistol and fired shots at the group before speeding away. The youths, startled by the gunfire, scrambled to check for injuries, but fortunately, none were hit.


According to reports, as the gunmen fled, they fired additional


shots approximately 50 meters away, targeting another young man in the vicinity.


In a separate but connected incident, Mohammad Alam, a local resident returning home with milk, was also targeted by the same assailants. Although Alam managed to escape unharmed, he was left deeply shaken by the close encounter.


Local police, upon receiving reports of the incident, promptly arrived at the scene. Inspector Narendra Sharma confirmed that a case has been registered based on the complaint from Nafees Ahmad. The authorities have obtained the CCTV footage and have begun an investigation to apprehend the culprits. However, the second incident involving Mohammad Alam is still pending official registration and will be included in the ongoing investigation.


Residents of Mohalla Banjaran are now on high alert, and police patrols have been increased in the area to ensure the community’s safety. The local authorities are urging anyone with information about the attackers to come forward to aid in their swift capture and bring an end to the fear gripping the neighborhood.

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