Drunk Man’s neck gets stuck in park bench in northern India, rescued

Drunk Man’s neck gets stuck in park bench in northern India, rescued

Timely work by the cop rescued a man whose neck got stuck in a park bench in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Ramlila Park, Kanpur, on April 7.

Visuals showed the man’s neck stuck between the gaps of the park bench. After moving his legs and body into different positions and directions, the cop was successful in completing the rescue.

According to reports, the man, experiencing intense pain, began shouting, but fortunately, two vigilant policemen came to his aid in the dead of night. Reports from the local area suggest that the man, inebriated, had inadvertently trapped his neck in the gap of a bench while sleeping, twisting awkwardly.

Upon hearing noises emanating from the park around 1 a.m., local residents promptly alerted the Swarupnagar police. Inspector Rajesh Sharma and Sub-Inspector Kavindra Khatana, accompanied by several officers, swiftly arrived at the scene. Employing their expertise, the officers successfully freed a young man whose neck had become trapped in a bench.

Rajesh Sharma, the head of the police station, disclosed that the young man identified himself as a resident of the area and frequented the park regularly. On the particular Sunday night in question, he had dozed off on the bench and inadvertently slipped through a gap in its support structure, causing his neck to become lodged. After approximately 20 minutes of concerted effort, the police safely extricated him, resulting in only a minor scratch on his neck. Following medical treatment, he was discharged and has since been reported to be in good health.

In the video, music can be heard in the background. SHO Rajesh Kumar Sharma, speaking to Newslions, verified that the music was indeed playing at the park.

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