Drunk student stabs college security guard to death in southern India

Drunk student stabs college security guard to death in southern India

In a shocking incident, a college security guard was stabbed to death by an intoxicated student in southern India’s Karnataka. 


The incident took place in the Kempapura area of Bengaluru city on July 3.

Visuals showed the horrifying moment when Burman, in a drunken rage, approached Ramesh and fatally stabbed him.


According to reports, the tragic event occurred late in the evening when the guard, identified as 35-year-old Ramesh, was on duty at the college entrance.


The assailant, a student named Burman, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, attacked the guard without any apparent provocation. Eyewitnesses reported that Burman had been behaving erratically and was visibly intoxicated before the attack. The reason behind his violent outburst remains unclear. Other students and staff members immediately called the police and emergency services, but Ramesh succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive.


The police have arrested Burman and are investigating to determine the motive behind the attack. They are also looking into the events leading up to the incident to understand why Burman was on the college premises in such an inebriated state.


This incident has left the college community in shock and mourning. The college administration has expressed its condolences to Ramesh’s family and promised to support them during this difficult time. The tragedy has also raised concerns about campus security and the need for measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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