Eagle attends wedding in central India, locals call it deceased father of bride

Eagle attends wedding in central India, locals call it deceased father of bride

An eagle became an uninvited guest at a wedding and also ‘blessed’ the bride in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident took place in Ranjra village of Damoh district on April 21.

Visuals showed the eagle seated calmly on the lap of a woman and she fed it with water. A predatory bird, the eagle was uncharacteristically peaceful and didn’t seem to feel threatened by so many people around it. Later on, it was seen sitting on the arm of a man and he gradually climbed over to his neck as he walked out of a room. There were a lot of people who were left surprised by the bird’s presence and its calmness.

As per a report, the bride unfortunately lost her father Jalam Singh a few days before her marriage and since the date was already fixed, both families decided to go ahead with it and the ceremony took place at a temple in the village. Ganesh Lodhi, a family member of the bride, stated that the eagle made an unexpected appearance at the wedding as they had returned after immersing the ashes of the deceased. The predatory bird flew over to the bride’s mother, who was identified as Nonibai and she gave it food and water. The eagle remained quiet during the whole marriage ceremony and attended every ritual by standing on a chair. Later on, it flew away after all the rituals were done and dusted. Many believed that it was the deceased Jalam Singh who had come in the form of the eagle to bless his daughter in her marriage.

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