Elderly man brutally beaten by bully in northern India

Elderly man brutally beaten by bully in northern India

An elderly man was viciously beaten by a local bully in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Dehat area of Saharanpur and its video went viral on May 18.

Visuals showed an elderly man and another man initially arguing, which escalated into a physical fight. The younger man hit the elderly man with a stick and later, along with a friend, kicked him repeatedly.

The violent encounter reportedly stemmed from a dispute over cleanliness between the two individuals. The altercation took place in the Dehat area.

The victim has made serious allegations against the local police, accusing them of failing to take appropriate action against the assailant. He claims that despite filing a complaint, the police have not initiated any meaningful investigation or arrested the perpetrator.

As the video continues to circulate widely, public pressure is mounting on the authorities to ensure justice is served. Local residents and netizens alike are demanding a thorough investigation and swift action against the accused to prevent such incidents from recurring in the community.


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