Election violence in northern India, gunfire terrifies entire area: two injured

Election violence in northern India, gunfire terrifies entire area: two injured

A new video of election violence revealed gunfire and chaos, resulting in one death, two injuries, and internet suspension in northern India’s Bihar.

The incident took place at Chapra on May 20.

Visuals showed a chaotic scene where individuals were pelting stones, while one person loading and firing a gun. Another person brandishes a pistol. The one-minute-and-ten-second clip shows a crowd gathered at the site, with individuals from opposing groups confronting each other. The escalation is marked by multiple rounds of gunfire.

The situation has escalated to such an extent that internet services have been suspended in the area until May 25. An FIR has been lodged against Lalu Yadav’s daughter, Rohini.

The violence began in Chapra after a peaceful completion of four election phases. However, tension erupted on the day following the fifth phase of voting at a booth, leading to a murder. Political leaders from Patna to Chapra have been actively engaging in intense debates over the incident.

So far, seven FIRs have been filed concerning the Chapra election violence. Four were registered on May 20 for disturbances at the polling center, and three more on May 21 for subsequent violence. Saran SP Gaurav Mangla reported that two people have been arrested in connection with the murder. Additionally, a separate FIR has been lodged regarding the clash on May 21, implicating both parties involved.

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