Elephant calf chases locals in northeastern india

Elephant calf chases locals in northeastern india
An elephant calf was seen chasing locals in northeastern India’s Assam.
The incident took place in Behali, Sonitpur on May 6.
The visuals depicted a pachyderm darting amidst a panicked crowd as people scrambled to save themselves, their shouts and screams filling the air.
Amidst the chaos, the elephant also pursued several domestic animals, including a dog, adding to the tense atmosphere.
In the wee hours of Monday morning, villagers spotted the calf wandering around the village and promptly alerted the forest department. Despite collaborative efforts between the forest department and locals to return the calf to Kaziranga, their attempts proved unsuccessful. Despite attempts to drive the calf away, it continued causing disturbances in the vicinity, prompting the intervention of the police to manage the situation.
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