Elephant calf successfully rescued after falling into 30-foot well in southern India

Elephant calf successfully rescued after falling into 30-foot well in southern India

Forest and fire department officials in southern India’s Tamil Nadu have successfully rescued a baby elephant that fell into a 30-foot well.

The incident took place at Kurichi Nagar near Kolapalli in the Nilgiri district on May 29.

Visuals showed a baby elephant fell into a deep, 30-foot well, sparking an immediate rescue operation. Forest department officials and a rescue team arrived promptly, bringing in heavy machinery like a JCB. They first excavated around the well to create a sloped ramp. After hours of careful digging, they successfully guided the calf up the ramp. Emerging from the well, the young elephant reunited with its anxious mother and waiting herd. The heartfelt moment of the calf joining its family highlighted the dedication of the rescue team and the emotional bond within the elephant herd.

Reports from locals indicate that the calf inadvertently stumbled into the well, prompting a swift response from the concerned authorities. Upon receiving the alert, teams from the Tamil Nadu Forest and Fire Department quickly mobilized manpower and machinery to initiate the rescue operation.

Karuppaiah, Forest Range Officer told Newslions that efforts to extricate the stranded elephant calf were challenging. The officials employed heavy machinery such as JCBs and other mechanisms to carefully lift the animal to safety. After an arduous 8-hour operation, the team succeeded in making a ramp for the elephant to safely walk out of the well.

Following the rescue, the team united the baby elephant with her mother, who had patiently waited nearby with the herd. The coordinated efforts of the rescue team, led by DFO Gudalur, Vengatesh Prabhu, involved 40 people and started at 3 am.

Instances of wild elephants straying into human settlements in search of food and water have been increasingly common, often leading to unfortunate accidents like electrocutions or falls into water bodies. The current rescue operation is a testament to the coordinated efforts of local authorities and communities to ensure the well-being of wildlife in the region. The patience of the elephant herd and the dedication of the rescue team highlight the commitment to wildlife conservation in Tamil Nadu.

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