Elephant menace strikes in southern India: tourists flee as elephant halts traffic

Elephant menace strikes in southern India: tourists flee as elephant halts traffic

An alarming incident unfolded in southern India’s Kerala as Catana Padayappa, a notorious elephant, disrupted traffic, sending tourists and local residents into a panic. Two vehicles were brought to a standstill, and the occupants forced to flee.


The incident took place near Munnar Kallar Waste Management Center on May 26.

Visuals showed on the road near the jungle, an elephant was walking between two cars. Frightened by the elephant, everyone ran away from it and after a while, the elephant returned to the jungle.


The tranquil surroundings of Munnar, a popular tourist destination, were shattered when Catana Padayappa emerged near the Kallar Waste Management Center, imposing a temporary blockade on the road. Witnesses recount how the elephant, known for its aggressive behavior, brought traffic to a halt, causing momentary chaos and fear among onlookers.


According to reports, the alarming encounter occurred around 6 pm on Sunday, catching travelers off guard. Two vehicles en route from Munnar to Kallar Estate found themselves at the mercy of the formidable elephant as it positioned itself in the middle of the road, effectively trapping the unsuspecting occupants.


Eyewitnesses describe a scene of sheer pandemonium as the occupants hurriedly abandoned their vehicles in a bid to escape the advancing elephant. Despite the imminent danger, everyone managed to evade harm as they fled from the charging pachyderm.


The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict between humans and wildlife in the region, highlighting the need for increased measures to mitigate such encounters and ensure the safety of both tourists and local residents navigating the natural habitats surrounding Munnar. Authorities have been urged to take proactive steps to address the escalating issue of elephant-human conflict, safeguarding lives and promoting coexistence in the region.

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