Elephant rescued after it fell into private well in southern India

Elephant rescued after it fell into private well in southern India

An elephant was rescued after it fell into a private well in southern India’s Kerala.

This incident happened at a rubber plantation in the Malappuram district on April 18. The well in which the elephant fell is an enclosure inside the Edakkod Reserve Forest under the jurisdiction of Edavanna Forest Range.

Visuals showed the pachyderm inside the well. The elephant splashed water inside and with the well being a guarded one, it had little chance of getting out. An excavator was seen at use as it dug up one side of the well for the elephant to come out of it. The ring-like walls of the well were broken by the excavator and a ramp was made for the pachyderm. Later, the excavator helped the elephant come out of the well by pushing it a bit. It was learnt that this rescue operation was led by Edavanna Forest Ranger Mr Rahees Tharammal. Deputy Ranger Mr Narayanan, Nilambur North Division Forest Officer Mr Ashwin Kumar (Indian Forest Service) and station staff were also present at the spot.

He received information about this elephant being trapped at around 12 pm after which he reached the spot with his 12-member team at 2:30 pm. An eight-member team from the Rapid Response Force also arrived at the spot.

The rescue operation started at 3:00 pm and by 5:30 pm, the elephant was out of the well. It was also learnt that the elephant is healthy and has been sent back into the wild again.

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